Sapien Books specializes in books addressing language problems in our species. We walk you through names and symbols, connecting the dots to help you get the picture. Lies, injustice and unfairness embedded in language by patriarchy harmed both genders. After reading our books you will have a better idea of what you can do to reduce the harms unknowingly caused to the minds of both genders by patriarchal language.

Our basic book Breaking the Patriarchal Code lists 10,000 items of speech claiming the male to be the one with mind. Seeing these items lets you see the imbalance of power, the absences created in knowledge and the violence validated in language causing harm to both genders, not just one.

Our flagship book An Inconvenient Lie walks you through the consequences of the harms done to both genders. It takes you through the processes of correct name-making, what making true-to-reality names mean and gives you a view of what having an inclusive theory means to rationality and morality. Knowing this helps you to reduce the ills of violence, prostitution, pornography and wars validated in patriarchal language. This helps you to establish what is better for society and the species as a whole.

At Sapien Books we stand on using correct names for the two members of our species. Using true-to-reality language is to use rational language. Reading our books gives you a consistent rational, balanced and focused way to help you make choices in living life to the fullest. Our books are factual, true, just and fair to both genders. Buy our books and be inspired with ideas for your own self-realization.

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